A Comprehensive Review of the Orza Pro One


Abby Jayne DeAngelo is a former professional dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet, and is now the owner of the rapidly growing Seattle based ballet school, Adage Ballet Academy. After wearing the OP1 for many months, she sat down and graciously shared this thoughtful review with us.

“As both a professional ballet dancer and an instructor, I have found the Orza Pro One ballet technique shoes to be exceptionally comfortable and supportive. Ideal for long rehearsals where both standing and intense dancing are required, these shoes provide the support needed to perform and teach without discomfort.

I prefer to order a half size down from my regular street shoe size for a snugger fit, which is important to me as I like my dance shoes to fit tightly.

One of the standout features of these shoes is the quality of the materials. I opted for the leather version, which I highly recommend. The leather offers a bit more give than canvas, allowing the shoe to mold perfectly to the contours of my feet, enhancing comfort and fit with every use. They are incredibly durable and only improve with wear.

Performance-wise, these shoes are a little stiff initially, more similar to a pointe shoe, and require some breaking in. However, the effort to do so is well worth it as they provide exceptional support once adapted to your feet.

Aesthetically, the Orza Pro 1 shoes are stunning. They beautifully accentuate my arches, and the heel cup adds support while giving my feet a lifted, light appearance that enhances the overall line of the leg.

Finally, considering their durability, comfort, and support, these shoes are a great value for the money. Whether you’re performing complex routines or teaching the next generation of dancers, the Orza Pro One shoes are a reliable and revolutionary choice that won't disappoint.”

~ Abby Jayne


Abby Jayne DeAngelo

Adage Ballet Academy

Owner & Artistic Director

April 13, 2024

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