A Reflection

A few weeks ago here at Orza, we quietly celebrated a milestone. One March 30th, 2023, just over a year ago, our website, www.orzabrand.com went live, and the Orza Pro One went up for pre-order. 13 years of dream chasing, unparalleled determination, setbacks, worry and the overarching belief that dancers deserve better, smarter equipment, carried us through to this moment. Our dream of creating the best ballet shoe for every dancer everywhere had finally come to fruition.

With bated breath we watched our new Shopify account, as a handful of family
members added Orza hats and hoodies to their carts—a tangible and beautiful
testament to their support of our venture.

Our very first Orza Pro One ballet shoe was purchased by a dancer in Atlanta, Georgia and we’ll share more of that story with you in the coming weeks.

A week later, Seth flew to New York City, where he hand-delivered Orza Pro Ones to the dancers of the New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Dance Theater of Harlem, Juilliard, and the School of American Ballet. The response from dancers was unprecedented. A ‘lucky break’ reel from NYCB ballerina Ashley Bouder had our inboxes pinging and social media exploding.

We hit the ground running and haven’t really stopped for a breath. Our mission
continues to be simple: provide dancers with the best ballet shoe possible. Over the
past year we have listened to countless stories, met so many wonderful humans and fit so so many feet. We still feel like we’ve only just begun— there is so much exciting stuff to come!

We love dancing with you and are so very, very grateful for your support.

Here's to happy, healthy, dancing.

Team Orza

April 12, 2024

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