Customer reviews
The shoes are so comfortable and great for long rehearsals when I’m standing a lot. We are performing a flat shoe ballet right now so they are really nice for rehearsals. Another thing I really like is with the heel support my plie is deeper and less strenuous! Thank you so much.
— Beckanne Sisk, Principal Dancer at Houston Ballet
The shoe is an absolute stunner. Wow! The support is fantastic. If only I had them when I was dancing at New York City Ballet. I’m performing again soon and can now wear shoes!
— Benjamin Millepied, Artistic Director, L.A. & Paris Dance Projects; Artist, Philharmonie de Paris; Film Director
Y’all ready for this? SHOCK ABSORBING BALLET SHOES! Today was my first day trying them out in class. They are light-weight, comfortable, supportive and YES shock absorbing. As an older dancer, nearing the end of my career with numerous injuries behind me (and with me), these shoes are awesome. These shoes are for everyone. Young dancers: Prevent injuries and look forward to a long career. Seasoned dancers: Take the stress off old injuries. Injured dancers (moi): Help yourself come back safely to jumping and moving. Wow wow wow. Thank you Seth and his team.
— Ashley Bouder, Principal Dancer at New York City Ballet
My daughter has been struggling with tendonitis for over a year, even with consistent physical therapy. Someone recommended that she try Orza Pro Ones. She is over the moon after taking class in them! She said everything was better and her pain went from a 4 to a 1. She took the whole class which she hasn’t been able to do in months. This is a huge breakthrough for her. UPDATE: After several weeks of wearing them for classes she’s still dancing through the entire class. They have been a game changer for her pain level and confidence to recover!
— Maria, Student at the Pacific Northwest Ballet
As an athlete I’m constantly dealing with nasty stone bruises on the bottoms of my feet— usually from all the hard impact landings that come with virtuoso repertoire of male ballet technique. My mom used to jet glue Dr. Scholl’s padding inside my shoes to cushion my landings, and we always talked about how much it helped. So imagine my delight when Orza launched their brand new ballet shoe with constructed padding on the inside! I’ve been trying it out the last couple days and I love how my feet feel, even after dancing hard in classes and rehearsals. If you’re looking for a supportive flat shoe for rehearsals or shows that look great on your feet, then definitely check these out!
— Patrick Frenette, Dancer at American Ballet Theatre / Founder & Faculty Member of Boys Ballet Summer Intensive
I love how they fit! Definitely will take a little bit of time to get used to the sole of the shoe and canvas (since I have been wearing leather shoes for a very long time) but jumping and standing feels amazing! Very excited, thank you guys!
— Andrii Ishchuk, Dancer at American Ballet Theatre
I am loving the heel support in the shoe!
— Daphne Marcelle Lee, Artist at Dance Theater Of Harlem
Wow! I was in mid-Nutcracker season with three weeks of shows done and two more to go. I tried Orza Pro One, and instantly it was like walking on air but in ballet shoes. After a few days, the slippers shaped nicely to my feet which felt even better. Using them on stage for the remainder of the two weeks saved my knees and back from landing and partnering on such a hard stage. Because of the cushion Orza Pro One has, I could push myself in each show and felt great for the next day of performances.
— Evan Swenson, Managing Director of BalletRED
I just wanted to reach out and extend my thanks for the beautiful, beautiful shoes! I’ve brought them with me to teach all summer and loveee them! They are literally saving my feet!
— Danielle Diniz, Dancer & Choreographer, New York City
Love Love LOVE! I’ve never seen my feet look better in flat shoes. Also the heel lift seems to help me feel my rotation more when standing on one leg. Jumping in them also feels great! Thank you so much.
— Amelia Ida Bang Coleman, Freelance Artist Tivoli Ballet Theater
These shoes are a game changer! The heel support is amazing. I am an older ballet instructor and still take classes. The padding gives me the ability to demonstrate full out jumps and execute jumps with no pain. The support is in the heel but resonates through the ankle, knees, hips, and back. I teach adults and will definitely recommend this shoe to my students.
— Joanne Rupinskas, Dance Teacher
I am a student at the School of American Ballet and my pair of Orza Pro Ones have honestly helped me so much as I am recovering from a stress fracture. I have never felt so supported in a ballet flat until now and I wanted to extend my gratitude! Plus, they make my feet look great!
— Kylie
Your shoes have been a game changer for me. When I say game changer, I mean they have saved my dance career. I recently came back from a severe injury and your shoes were KEY in my recovery. My doctors believed I would be able to dance again, but not without pain. Since I started wearing Orza Pro Ones this pain is completely gone. I can take off, land, and roll through with zero pain. So beyond grateful! Seriously, everyone should be wearing this shoe.
— Maria Valencia Alvarez, Professional Dancer 
Having the flexibility of a ballet shoe along with the heel support of a sneaker has made staging ballets so much more enjoyable. Plus, the adorable lining makes me smile every time I put them on. Thank you for the innovation! I'll be wearing these for a long time.
— Lauren Strongin, Former SFB Soloist, Stager Liam Scarlett Trust
Sometimes you don’t realize just how comfortable something is until you put another one on. I misplaced my pair of Orza Pro Ones last week (after wearing them for company class for months) and had to go back to a regular ballet shoe for class. I immediately felt the difference. More strain on my calves— they just felt tighter. I love the confidence my OP1’s give me when wearing them— and I know my body is going to feel better than it would if I was back in the old ballet flat!
— Megan Fairchild, Principal Ballerina New York City Ballet
I spend a lot of time in the studio as the principal of Kansas City Ballet School and Orza Pro Ones are the perfect footwear for my busy day. I have never been a fan of dance sneakers or teaching shoes, so have always worn ballet shoes but wished they had more support. OP1 offers the support I need to relieve the foot and back pain I get while standing long hours in classes and rehearsals. I love these shoes so much that when I was asked to do a small role with Kansas City Ballet recently, the only way I knew I could get back onstage was wearing Orzas. They got me through my shows!
— Lauren Fadeley, Principal Kansas City Ballet School, Former Professional Dancer
I have been looking for the right flat shoe my entire career, that’s 20 plus years now. And finally Seth has done it! I haven’t been able to wear flat shoes in class because they never fit correctly and I wasn’t able to get my feet warm, but now I use these every day and it’s just a miracle. Thank-you Seth for putting in years of hard work, pain, and research to create the best shoes for professionals and beyond.
— Sara Mearns, Principal Ballerina New York City Ballet 
I just started teaching in the LEATHER OP1 ballet shoes and they are so great! I feel like I’m in a teaching shoe in a way and am able to demonstrate so much more without worry I’m going to hurt myself!
— Lauren Fadeley Veyette Principal at Kansas City Ballet School
I am obsessed with the OP1 ballet shoes. I teach on many types of floors, from marley, sprung, carpet, to riser-like stages and these shoes are saving my body. Not only are my feet still comfortable after hours of teaching, but my back and calves are thankful for the shock absorption in the sole of the shoe. I also love that the support around the heel gives me stability. Besides the cute print inside the shoe that i love, the sweats, ankle compression leg warmers, hat and shirt fit amazing and look so good! Thank you Seth and team for all the years of research and development you put into this shoe… you are adding years to my dance career and my body thanks you! I can’t wait for all my convention dancers to try this out, this will save their bodies!!!
— Melissa Sandvig, So You Think you Can Dance Allium/ Velocity Dance Teacher & Judge