Grit and Grace

Ballerinas are a contrast in study. The dancer’s dichotomy; effortless grace and singular tenacity. Athlete and artist. Grit and grace.

While to some, the idea of ballerinas as artists and athletes is an essential coupling, to others, it’s a hot button topic. Recently, a dancer shared their opinion with us that “Dancers are artists. That’s it. I hate when people call them athletes!”

The Oxford Dictionary tells us the following:

Athlete (n): A person who has undertaken training or exercises to become proficient in specific physical activities.

Artist: (n): A person who creates or imitates something.

We’re hard pressed to think of any other line of work that encompasses both titles so fluidly, and at Orza we absolutely view dancers as BOTH. And for us, meeting the unique athletic needs of today’s dancers, is an essential component of our mission. The Orza Pro One was designed and built to help dancers across all spectrums achieve their goals. In order to express your deepest artistic self and reach your highest success as an artist (whatever that may mean to you personally) your body’s needs (in the physical sense) must be met. Healthy dancing means happy dancing, which means higher levels of artistry become attainable.

As the preeminent ballerina Misty Copeland said: “Don’t underestimate yourself. You are more capable than you think.”

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April 12, 2024