The recent trend in ballet flats is thinner, lighter— less. In the 100-plus years since ballet slippers have been around, the biggest “innovation” has been to build them even MORE like a slipper and less like a SHOE.

The logic in this escapes us. You wouldn’t slip on your favorite flip-flops to go for a run, would you? Don a hat instead of a helmet for a bike ride? Play basketball in a pair of sandals? A game of tennis in Crocs? You catch our drift.

The definition of innovate is “to feature new methods; to originate and advance.”

ADVANCE. As we consider the current footwear offerings for dancers, we see a lack of any true advancement.  While ballet itself has increased the athletic demands it places on dancers’ bodies exponentially, ballet slippers have failed to rise to the challenge of meeting dancer’s current needs.

In recent years, professional dancers and students alike have seen a noticeable increase in injury. Company managers, physical therapists, doctors, teachers, parents, and, of course—the dancers themselves are struggling to find answers for this unprecedented rise in a broad range of injury types.

In our minds, the answer is staring us right in the face.  Just enter a ballet studio and look down. Dancers are jumping, turning, standing, running, and lifting one-another ALL-DAY-LONG, and typically 5-6 days a week—in essentially, SOCKS.

Enter ORZA and the Orza Pro One. Founder Seth Orza experienced first-hand the lack of (and the need) for a TRULY innovative ballet shoe. So, he engineered and built one himself. Incorporating his patented, shock-absorbing technology into every pair, he built his game-changing ballet shoe from the ground up.  It took a dancer to innovate— a dancer to meet OTHER dancer’s true needs.

OP1 invites you to reflect upon how you view your ballet shoes and what you expect from them. At Orza, we believe that dancers (that’s you!) deserve a ballet shoe that works FOR YOU.  That meets your unique needs—a shoe for now and for the future.

Orza Pro One— a ballet shoe for every dancer, everywhere.

February 02, 2024


Vickie said:

FINALLY! A ballet shoe that offers SUPPORT! Thank you.

Grace said:

Couldn’t agree more! Thank you for seeing the need and working so hard to build an incredible product.

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