The Orza Pro One of course! (And we couldn't be prouder).

Founder Seth Orza spent a large part of his 20 plus years as a professional dancer searching for a ballet shoe that would support his unique athletic needs. He never found one. For years he wore a particular brand of ballet flats solely because the heel came up high enough to allow him to safely fit his drugstore bought heel cups inside of them.

Stumped —as to why there wasn’t a ballet shoe available anywhere that met the daily demands ballet placed on his body— Seth set out to design them himself.

The right ballet shoes can mean the difference between dancing optimally and safely, or experiencing pain and discomfort throughout class, rehearsal, and performance.

Additionally, non-supportive ballet shoes can immediately affect both comfort and ability, while supportive and stabilizing ballet shoes can provide peace of mind throughout training and live performances.

So, what makes a ballet shoe “the best ballet shoe” and what should a dancer look for when selecting a ballet shoe?

We thought we’d ask a ballet dancer turned ballet shoe engineer—our very own Seth Orza!

Here is what he shared with us:

A few basic things to consider are quality and fit. There is currently a vast range of ballet flats available on the market. Many of the flats currently sold by well-known dance brands are essentially sock like, and, while inexpensive for the consumer, wear holes in them rapidly and offer zero support or stabilization. While there are higher quality models available in both leather and canvas, these too lack fundamental support and comfort. That is what makes OP1 so unique! We are the ONLY ballet shoe available that offers patented, shock absorbing comfort and support, in both the heel and metatarsal areas. We are also the ONLY ballet shoe to provide relief from day-today pain! To me, it’s a no-brainer. Why wear anything LESS than a shoe that supports and works FOR YOU while you dance? I’m so proud to be able to finally offer dancers a shoe worthy of their attention.”

So what do you look for in a ballet shoe? Have you tried OP1 yet? Drop us a note down below— we’d love to continue the conversation!


February 02, 2024


Marsha said:

OP1 is a game changer for me as a ballet student! Thank you!!!!

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