Orza Gift Card


Looking for a perfect gift for someone special but not sure what to give them? Consider an Orza Gift Card that lets them choose what they want and dance with happiness. 

Here are the details:

The gift cards will be sent via email and include instructions on how to redeem them at the checkout when shopping online at www.orzabrand.com.
  • Please be advised that this electronic gift card is exclusively redeemable for merchandise and cannot be exchanged for cash. We kindly request that you treat this card as cash, as it will not be replaced if lost or stolen. The card can be redeemed at Orza Brand's online store only and is valid for a period of two years from the date of purchase.
    Customer reviews
    Your shoes have been a game changer for me. When I say game changer, I mean they have saved my dance career. I recently came back from a severe injury and your shoes were KEY in my recovery. My doctors believed I would be able to dance again, but not without pain. Since I started wearing Orza Pro Ones this pain is completely gone. I can take off, land, and roll through with zero pain. So beyond grateful! Seriously, everyone should be wearing this shoe.
    — Maria Valencia Alvarez, Professional Dancer 
    The shoes are so comfortable and great for long rehearsals when I’m standing a lot. We are performing a flat shoe ballet right now so they are really nice for rehearsals. Another thing I really like is with the heel support my plie is deeper and less strenuous! Thank you so much.
    — Beckanne Sisk, Principal Dancer at Houston Ballet
    The shoe is an absolute stunner. Wow! The support is fantastic. If only I had them when I was dancing at New York City Ballet. I’m performing again soon and can now wear shoes!
    — Benjamin Millepied, Artistic Director, L.A. & Paris Dance Projects; Artist, Philharmonie de Paris; Film Director
    Love Love LOVE! I’ve never seen my feet look better in flat shoes. Also the heel lift seems to help me feel my rotation more when standing on one leg. Jumping in them also feels great! Thank you so much.
    — Amelia Ida Bang Coleman, Freelance Artist Tivoli Ballet Theater